May 16 2019

Celebrating Trees with the Tree of the Year Contest

I’m Juliet, a Super Campaigner volunteer, currently campaigning round the Tree of the Year contest. As a Super Campaigner I find that a lot of the campaigning is to prevent development that would damage or destroy woodland and trees and this can seem like a constant battle. That’s why I love the chance to take part in an entirely positive campaign, which is exactly what the Tree of the Year contest is.

The Woodland Trust is currently asking for nominations to the Tree of the Year contest. Anyone can nominate a favourite tree, whether it’s one with a particularly interesting history, one that is important locally or one that is threatened by development plans. Nominations are open until 19 July so time to get your thinking caps on!

As part of my role today I blogged about the contest here and shared this link via my Twitter account and my personal Facebook profile. I’ve also shared the information to several Facebook groups (including Edinburgh Natural History Society, friends groups of local parks and the ‘Celebrate Trees in Edinburgh’ group) and via the Twitter stream of a local friends group I sometimes tweet for. Trying to get the word out as much as possible and hoping that people are inspired to nominate their favourite trees. People have already started to respond to the posts on Facebook and hopefully will nominate individual trees.

I have to admit, personally, I find it very difficult to choose an individual favourite tree. There are so many beautiful and interesting trees in and around Edinburgh where I live, including these beautiful ancient oak trees in Dalkeith Country Park

If you have a favourite tree, why not nominate it for the Tree of the Year contest?




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  • Matilda Scharsach

    Thanks so very much for posting about this, Juliet!

    Tree of the Year is not only great fun, but also a fantastic way of engaging more people with the beauty and ecological value of ancient trees!

    May 24, 2019 at 3:24 pm

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