May 12 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter May 2019

Another fine day if rather cold. A lot has happened since our last working party, the primroses have disappeared and the bluebells are in full splendour. It is good to see that the hawthorn we rather hacked around (unintentionally) two years ago in our efforts to remove the  huge bramble which persistently overhung the entrance path has now fully recovered


Bluebells in the lower wood                                    Our recovered hawthorn

The main task for the morning was to prepare for the rebuilding of the beehive retaining wall by contractors in June. This is at the bottom of the garden and the section to be rebuilt runs from the steps below the tree nursery to the end of the pergola. Our main workforce Brian John George Heather Jay, David Richard and Alan were directed to first clear the undergrowth above the wall and to the remove of a large mound of earth  in front of the wall.  The original intention after that had been to remove the top foot of earth above and behind the wall where there had originally been a path. This was to prevent possible bank collapse when  the wall was taken down prior to rebuilding. This second phase proved to be far more difficult than we had imagined!

Work at the Beehive wall

This was because there was to a stone infill behind the wall which started just below the surface and because the top four or five inches of earth above this was full of tree roots

Having cleared only about the top 4 inches for a third of the length of the wall we hit the stone are seeking further advice!

While the digging was going on Peter and Jenny were clearing wood and stone from Terrace 2 and adding this brush to the dry hedge between Terrace 3 and 4. This  is to facilitate the first of its two annual contractor mowings in two or three weeks time. The long term aim is that the dry hedge  will be replaced with railings as soon as we have finished work repairing the retaining wall on Terrace 4/5 and can allow public access to Terrace 4. Mowing is also due in  the entrance  area which is why Bev and Martyn were set to work protecting the remaining saplings in the new “Casa Mia hedge” which continues to do well with many now well above theior grow tubes

Other News

First the good news – the sewer leak has been fixed and the wild garlic now completely masks the original aroma!

Saturday April 27th was  Bioblitz day  (see ) which the Woodland Trust , the Avon Wildlife Trust and other local organisations were involved. Joe, who was undertaking  one of the blitz walks, Rachel, Kate and Joe duly arrived at B.K at

8.00 a.m. and with help from our Hon. Sec. set up the fine Woodland Trust Gazebo in a suitably sheltered spot and waited……………

……….sadly only FIVE visitors came to “Bioblitz” during the day and none at all arrived for Chris’s guided history walk. Admittedly it was blowing half a gale and not that warm but something does seem to have gone wrong in the organisation!

Future eventsThe wood is going to be alive with walkers during the week of May 20th which is the Bristol Walking Fest ( see

June 1st you should have noted in your diaries as it is a Regional Woodland Trust Volunteers meeting in Taunton

Next Working Party 

Because of the regional meeting this will now take place on Saturday 8th  June 

Thanks to Chris and Bev for this newsletter

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