May 10 2019

Smithills Update 8th May

Hello all

Facts and figures

I am pleased to say that we now have the latest figures on volunteering and events – we now have 110 volunteers, who have contributed 1975 hours to the project so far this year. Aside from the clear value this adds to the project in terms of wildlife monitoring, research and practical support on the Estate, contributed hours have an in-kind value to our funding. When we received our Lottery funding, we were required to match-fund what they gave us… BUT every volunteer hour contributed reduces the amount of match-funding we are required to raise. So far this year, volunteer hours have reduced what we are required to raise by £14,000.

We have had 1173 visitors to an event or activity so far this year. This does include volunteer activity run as part of the funded project, so you are all in those figures too.

To put this into context, 2019 figures show a 49% increase in volunteer hours compared to the same period in 2018, and we have seen an 88% increase in numbers attending a ‘large’ event (tree planting / seasonal events).


Activity round-up

I thought I would do this in pictoral form this week…


L-R Task Day group… rubbish cleared from the Forest School compartment… adding species to Greater Manchester’s tally on the City Nature Challenge walk

First session of photography course with Heather B and L-R Representing the Trust at the City of Sanctuary AGM… Wardens working with Andy onsite… Grassland training session




Volunteers have also been…


  • Going on wildlife monitoring walks on the Estate
  • Attending Woodland Trust fundraising events and telling potential donors about our project
  • Attending our first schools’ Explorer Day on the Estate
  • Patrolling the Estate during periods of high fire risk
  • Attending training to become Health Walk Leaders

Kind regards

Vicky Entwistle- Engaging Communities Officer, Smithills

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