May 10 2019

Partners plant trees at Hedley Hall

Volunteers from our corporate partners Sainsbury’s and Nationwide planted around 1,500 trees at Hedley Hall on May 1st.
36 staff from Sainsbury’s were joined by seven staff from Nationwide to put the trees in the ground. They also got a chance to look at a previously planted field and see how the saplings they had planted in the past were faring. 
Among the planters was the partnership team’s latest recruit, marketing and communications executive Will Taylor, who was attending his first ever planting event.
Will said: “It was great to get out and plant trees so soon in my Woodland Trust career. The volunteers were all really enthusiastic about the work we do and had a little competition going to see who could plant the most.”
About our partners
  • Sainsbury’s has donated more than £8 million to the Trust since 2004, funding the planting of more than 3.3 million trees. 
  • Our five-year partnership with Nationwide started in 2016. It will donate £1.25 million over this period, funding the Community Woods project and planting 60,000 trees.
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