May 09 2019

Ospreys Play Egg Roulette At Arkaig

We are breathing a sigh of relief after the first egg was laid at our Loch Arkaig Osprey Nest Camera, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.


Louis and Aila have led us a merry dance since their return on April 4.

We were really worried they weren’t committing fully to the camera nest where they have laid the last two years. First Aila the female disappeared for a few days. Then after she came back they both went off and were seen primping up another nest a mile away.  
We are happy for the pair to nest anywhere so long as they are successful – but people around the world enjoy tuning in to their antics online so we would have been gutted if they had done a flit on us. 
As they continued to nip back and forwards between the two nests, and egg time got closer, we knew the question was about to be settled once and for all. It’s a huge relief we seem to have won egg roulette and kept our nest-cam Kardashians on screen. Aila produced the goods at around 6.25pm on Tuesday night.

One of the reasons the birds may have been thinking of a move is that their normally sheltered nest took a battering from high winds from an unusual direction. For a couple of days the wind funneled down the glen and right at them. Viewers have also speculated that they were being spooked by other birds of prey in the area – where there are golden eagles and sea eagles in residence.


The camera operation is greatly assisted by our volunteers who clip highlights from the previous day’s footage, and by Liz Bracken who reports on the birds’ off-camera activity as she watches by telescope from across the loch.



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