Apr 10 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newslette April 2019

A good dry day and all had arrived early at 9.45 on 6th  so lots of things achieved. Thank you to those of you who  let us know you were unable to come it save us hanging about at the gate. We hope that Jenny, Richard  and Jay will soon be fully recovered and able to join us next month – May 4th which is the Bank Holiday weekend.

Back to this weekend. First off were Brian, Peter and David who soon completed the gravelling of the remaining   Plane Tree Steps. Thanks Brian for purchasing and transporting this material, and to David and Peter then for then bring the excess up to the Lookout!

The remainder of our work force set off for the Lookout. Here George, John and Chris H and Chris S  ( later joined by Peter  and David post-gravelling) set about making the approach to the Lookout safer. This involved digging back the bank, flattening off what had been a slippery slope in wet weather and putting in several steps. The spoil from the digging was used by Chris to fill the steps below the Lookout which he was kept busy revetting. All in all a great improvement though we still need some railings for the Lookout approach


Cutting back the bank ready for the new steps                    John  revetting the steps below the Lookout

And what of our leader I hear your cry? Bev and Martyn had gone straight to Terrace 4  to continue their excavations at the foot of the retaining wall  which Chris S is slowly restoring.We are  a bit mystified by the levels on this terrace here and think there may have been a “terrace within a terrace” originally. It should all become clearer as this work progresses.


Before and after moving a cubic metre of soil. Curiously very little fallen stone was found here unlike last time

Meanwhile Brian who had returned with Peter post gravelling joined Bev on Terrace 4  to repair the dead hedge. It has been suggested that the long term answer here is to plant a hawthorn hedge and quicks are being grown by Brian and others ready for this.


Brian’s repair work on the dry hedge

Other news 

Joe had warned us that there had been another sewer leak ( the third within the last year). This was a new site and was more obvious than the earlier two as it had flowed across the lower path above the new orchard. However with  a bit of scraping  Peter and Chris  made this passable. Wessex water has been informed but we are not sure if the problem has been fixed.

A fine mess you’ve got us into

Spring is now well advanced and it is good to see that all the saplings we planted against the “Casa Mia” fence are doing well and most are now in leaf. There is as yet no further news on the resubmitted planning application which is still “Decision pending”.

A transplanted hawthorn doing well

See you all on May 4th if not before.

Thank you to Chris for this newsletter



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