Mar 27 2019

Inspiration for Campaigning

Hi, I’m Juliet, one of the Woodland Trust’s Super Campaigners. With other campaigning volunteers I take part in Woodland Trust campaigns and encourage other people to join in. I write posts on my Crafty Green Poet blog and share the links via Twitter and Facebook. It’s always rewarding to see people commenting on my blog posts or sharing the links with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


On the other hand, woodland faces so many challenges these days that online campaigning by itself can seem divorced from the reality of our beautiful woodlands not to mention a little like a battle that will never be won.


So I like to get out and about into nature as much as possible. I also volunteer with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust, a river protection charity based in Edinburgh. I help the trust to look after a wooded stretch of the river, known as the Dells. I visit the Dells almost every week, picking litter and recording wildlife, which both inspires me with the beauty of woodlands and keeps me motivated to continue campaigning.


There’s always something new to discover too! Even though I have a Botany degree I had never until a few years ago noticed the beautiful female flowers of the larch tree (which are at their best at this time of year, see photo). Now I can’t get enough of taking photos of them and following their development from tiny bud to full grown cone.



So for me, campaigning and practical conservation work go hand in hand and inform each other.


Juliet Wilson

Super Campaigner, Scotland


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