Mar 14 2019

Volunteer network event takes place at historical Hainault Forest

On 2nd March 33 volunteers made the journey over to Lambourne End, Essex to take part in the first volunteer network event of 2019. The majority of volunteers attending the event were from woodland working groups based in Abbey Grove, Tring Park, Hill House Wood, Bramingham Wood, Swan and Cygnet Wood and Heartwood. Other volunteer roles represented on the day included woodland wardens, woods under threat detectors and tree health champions.

First on the agenda was a Woodland Trust update, with information provided about the ‘Investing in volunteers’ acceditation that the Woodland Trust is currently working towards. Following this, guest speakers Louise Trevor (Communication and Engagement Manager) and George Lewis (Visitor Experience Officer for Hainault and Heartwood) told the group about the exciting project work taking place in neighbouring Hainault Forest.


Programme Manager for Citizen Science, Kate Lewthwaite gave a very interesting presentation about Observatree, Nature’s Calendar and the Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI). After this, Kate took the group outside to show everyone how to identify, measure and record ancient and veteran trees. If they were interested in supporting the ATI project as tree recorders, volunteers were provided with recording packs. Thanks to Kylie Harrison Mellor for providing these! Anyone can sign up to help with Nature’s Calendar and /or the ATI project, please see the links above. The Observatree project is currently looking for volunteers too – in specific locations, please click here if you’d like to know more.


Following lunch, site manager for Essex, Jonathan Jukes led a guided walk around beautiful Hainault Forest. Jonathan told the group about the history of Hainault, the forestry and conservation work being carried out at the wood and the plans for the future.  On the walk we were treated to a chorus of birdsong, a stunning view of a herd of fallow deer galloping across a field and an exploration of the wood, taking in the interesting shaped trees. The history of Hainault is super interesting, please visit our website to learn more!


Thank you to all who attended!


Photo credit- Stephen Middleton (Featured images – group around a tree, wooden face sculpture, and fallow deer photos). Thanks Stephen

Other photos – Amanda Brookes

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