Volunteers looking at newly planted trees at Langley Vale Wood
Mar 13 2019

What’s new at Langley Vale Wood?

Langley Vale Wood is one of our largest sites in the South East and it has been exciting to see the project develop, though not without its challenges. Simon Bateman-Brown, Site Manager, kindly took the time recently to provide an update on the latest goings on.




We recently held a drop-in session at Ashtead Memorial Hall, where the public could come along and talk to us about the planning application and the site in general. We had around 30 local people come along and many of them were very supportive. A further session is planned for the afternoon of Saturday 30th March at Langley Vale village hall and we hope that this will also receive interest.

It was agreed that seven trial trenches would be dug in the field proposed for the car park, to carry out further archaeological checks, in addition to the geophysical surveys carried out last year. This is particularly significant as there were objections that this field was once a Saxon meeting place. The trial trenches were completed three days earlier than anticipated and only one feature discovered – an unknown pit tht contained two worked prehistoric flints. It is unknown how significant this find is but the durvey does add further evidence that this is, in fact, not the location of the Saxon meeting place. A full report on the one feature that was found will be sent through later in March.


Tree planting


Several corporate partners managed to plant a huge 1,500 trees in a day. Sainsbusry’s, Axa, Selfridges and Nationwide all grabbed their spades and joined Woodland Trust staff and volunteers to plant as many trees as they could. It was an effort to get them to stop at the end of the day and we’re sure many of them now have the tree planting bug!

Supporter Will Hobhouse planted his acre grove with help from Ted Green, Jill Butler (her last day with the Woodland Trust) and Becky and Charlie Burrell (owner of Knepp Estate). The event went very well and Will was very happy with the efforts of his friends and family in planting all 750 trees, before retiring to the pub to congratulate themselves on a brilliant job well done!

There are two more individual groves to plant in March, as well as the planting of Jutland Wood, but there are still groves available for sponsorship. If anyone has contacts who may know someone who would like to sponsor a grove at Langle Vale Wood, or sponsor one themselves, then please contact Jim Rice.

Last but not least, following the huge success of our final public planting day in January, the AMYA group have put together this video of the day that they also attended:Ā https://youtu.be/sqz7IpHANxI


Wild antics!


A very talented supporter of the Woodland Trust and Langley Vale Wood sent us this link to a video they put tgoether. Using a simple trail camera, they captured nine different specise in six days of filming and set it all to a rocking song that alludes to everything being OK if we all stick together (animals and people!). Turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy this incredible video – this is why we are all working so hard after all.



We really can’t achieve all that we do without the support of our magnificent volunteer team! If you have any questions or comments about your experience, please do let us know.

Words: Simon Bateman-Brown


  • Russell Edgecock

    What a fabulous video capturing nine different species, to the song but Sham 69…. love it

    April 12, 2019 at 9:57 pm
  • Russell Edgecock

    What a fabulous video capturing nine different species, to the song by Sham 69…. love it

    April 12, 2019 at 9:58 pm

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