Mar 11 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newslette March 2019

First thanks to all of you who turned out on 2nd of March when I was away and  to Bev and Jay for the photos and filling in the details of your excellent work. Eight of you Bev, Brian, Chris and John Hunt, Richard, George, Alan and Jay, seem to have achieved a lot. I must absent myself more often!


(i) Pruning of the trees in the entrance and the new trees in the old orchard

This was ably undertaken by Chris John Brian and new member Alan

Chris Alan and John    and later work on the new trees

(ii) Adding  gravel to the far steps (now to be called the Plane tree steps)

Alan George and Jay undertook this to see if the three bags of gravel I had got was the right stuff which I think it is and I will now get some more after checking with Joe Middleton

They then moved on to

(iii) Digging out between the between the two buttresses  and  clearing undergrowth beside retaining wall on Terrace 4 


Thanks guys! Great effort and all the fallen stone seems to be there.  I am  sure there is plenty more buried stone to unearth further along this section of wall!

However we are making good progress here in the last year since Heather George and Jay did the first clearing! The aim in the long term is to allow public access to this level once it is all safe to do so  – maybe in another 5 years!!


(iv) Bev and Richard investigated the existence of possible sunken steps under the end of the Pergola.

We thought this might be the case as this section of retaining wall appears to have been rebuilt  in the recent past. Sadly no evidence  was found to suggest that these ever existed. Either there never were any steps  or these were built on the other side of the retaining wall  at this point.

Wot – no steps?

  1. v) Investigation of the retaining wall drainage

Some of you will remember this section is due to be rebuilt professionally in the summer . The question was whether we would need to put addition stone in behind the new wall to ensure adequate drainage. Following Brian’s excavations it looks very much as if this will not be necessary

Update on other issues 

As most of you will know the owners of Casa Mia have resubmitted further plans for the 4 house on this site. In some ways these are better since they protect our trees but in one serious way they are much worse. This is because re-siting of the first house is far more intrusive than before both to our entrance and the overlooking flats. We have again objected on several grounds and there are more than 70 other objections. In the meanwhile we have planted what will eventually we hope becomes an effective barrier between our entrance and the first house, should the revised plan be approved which seems unlikely. However it is unlikely that things will stop there as developers can always appeal to the Minister who usually find in their favour.

Our entrance – what it used to be What it might become

Next time!

This excellent morning’s work still leaves the task of  adding revetments to the Lookout steps and sorting out the steps above the Lookout itself and more gravelling in the other steps doubtless a few more tasks will arrive  in the meanwhile . So I hope to see you all in April


Thanks to Chris for this newsletter



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