Mar 06 2019

Would you like to add a new (osprey) feather to your bow? We’re recruiting!

Would you like to sign up as an Ospreycam Research volunteer?   For the third year running we are looking for volunteers in Scotland to review and edit the footage on our ospreycam up at our beautiful Loch Arkaig site.


Ringing Lachlan the Arkaig osprey chick in 2017


Fingers crossed Louis and Aila will return and have a successful breeding season.


The role is desk based and takes up a few hours, one day a week.  You need to have reasonable IT skills, good attention to detail, patience, decent broadband speed and access to a pc (our camera editing software doesn’t work on a Mac).  The role will last for a maximum of the length of the breeding season is between April and September, although could be shorter if there is no successful breeding.  We have a few existing volunteers already in place who have been with us all three years!


Both years we have had an end of season celebration.  The 1st year, after the successful fledging of Lachlan the male chick, we had a joint “hatching party” with SWT osprey volunteers at Loch of the Lowes.  Last year we visited Loch Arkaig itself, saw the nest and went out on Arkaig Fire, the Woodland Trust boat, a rare treat indeed!  Lewis Pate, our resident raptor expert, came along too, and showed us other nests and a sea eagle nest.



Lewis checking the nest tree on our visit.



All aboard the Arkaig Fire! Volunteers and staff enjoying the view of our beautiful forest from the water!


If you think this is for you, then you can apply here, ideally by Friday March 15th at the latest:


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer

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