Feb 24 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter 22nd February 2019

First thanks to the two Brians, John and Chris, not forgetting Abbie who were able to come on Wednesday 20th and plant the 75 trees (Hazel, Alder, Holly and Field Maple)


The trees should go some way to screen us from the new house if this planning application goes ahead

I will not be around on March 2nd but Bev and Brian will be. The work programme is what we were unable to carry out at the beginning of February because of the bad weather .


                                                                                                                                              Chris S 

Work for March 2nd

(i) Pruning of the trees in the entrance and the new trees in the new orchard (those who have been on the course to undertake), removal of the posts and tree guards for the latter.


(ii) Adding  revetments to the steps leading down from the Lookout  and refill where soil have been lost at the same time examining what should be done to make the approach

to the Lookout itself safer.


(iii) Add  gravel to the far steps (now to be called the Plane tree steps) near the bridleway lower entrance. 3 bags of gravel hidden behind tree on the right (Brian knows where)


(iv) Bev and his brother to  investigate the existence of possible sunken steps at the end of the Pergola.


(v) Cleari  the brambles in front of the Beehive retaining wall ready to  receive stones which will get  taken down from the unsafe  wall.


(vi) If enough time clear undergrowth beside retaining wall on Terrace 4  (through the  gate  which Chris will unlock). Any large branches to be added to dry hedge. If time dig out stones from next section of fallen retaining wall ready for later rebuilding


Thank you Chris for this Newsletter

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