Feb 16 2019

How many people does it take to plant 100 trees?

Early February 2019, there was a busy day at The Woodland Trust’s Nunsbrough Wood, located just a few miles South of Hexham, Northumberland.


The weather was very kind during the day as two groups of about 8 to 10 students and teachers from The Priory School in Hexham worked under the supervision of the Woodland Trust Site Manager Richard Wilson to progressively plant 4 varieties of trees ( Hazel, Rowan, Elder and Crab Apple) on the edge of the meadow at Nunsbrough Wood. It was a win-win event as the pupils learnt how to dig, carefully back fill then ‘stake and tube’ over 100 saplings. Over the day, the students and their support team easily reached the target of 100 trees planted.


Also supporting the schools work, there was a Woodland Trust Volunteer and a contractor who completed further manual planting over the following days.


Feedback from the school was very positive with some of the students volunteering a few days later to visit and complete some additional planting. Over the next few years, this location will be visited regularly by the students to see their hard work develop into a location hopefully attracting butterflies and other insects during the summer as well as being a source of autumn and winter food for the birds in the area.


If you would like to visit Nunsborough Wood, you can find more information on the Woodland Trust web site here 


I hope you are able to visit and enjoy this quiet location.


Report by Alan W.

A Woodland Trust Volunteer.

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  • PaulLittlewood

    Great work with the students Alan, very beneficial both for them and the wood

    February 28, 2019 at 6:37 pm

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