Feb 15 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter February 2019

The cancelled Working Party on the 3rd was a very wise step.  Even when the 4 inches of snow  had gone  the paths on the wood were still very slippery. It is interesting to note that we cancelled the same session last year. However the good news is that this allowed your Hon. Sec. to do some catching up with paperwork.Patterns of visitors


First members may be interested to know that in the year just ended    1303 information leaflets were taken from our four leaflet boxes and 200 Woodland Trust Membership forms were taken from the box at the Bramble Lane entrance. This compares with 1243 in 2017. This was not to be expected and suggests that plenty of new visitors are discovering the wood. Our monitoring of visitors to the wood noted during working parties and at other times also show a steady increase from 3.93 per hour in 2015/6 and  6.3 per hour in 2016/7;  to  7.3 per hour in 2017/8

It seems this is largely made up by an increase in the number of walkers whereas dog workers have remained pretty constant, which is what one would have expected.

Casa Mia.

Your committee was concerned to note that a revised planning application  for 4 houses to be built on the site  has now been submitted Bristol City Council. While this is significantly improved we still have major concerns about traffic and will be responding accordingly.

Signs of Spring

Crocuses are already out in sheltered parts of the wood and Bev will be pleased to note that plum blossom has just appeared on his favourite tree – not easy to photograph against the

light! It will not be long before the Primroses and Cherry blossom are apparent.

Elsewhere in there has been progress on several fronts.

  1. We now know that the rebuilding of the retaining wall in the beehive area, by the railway line is now scheduled for the end of June and we will be digging out behind the wall and taking sections down in the coming months in readiness for this work.
  2. Painting of the new railings has been completed and they look wonderful. Thanks you to all who took part in various phases of this work

 Then  Now

See you all in March


Thanks to Chris Stephens for this newsletter

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