Feb 12 2019

Fly Tipping Costs Over £1 Million in 5 years

The cost of cleaning up fly tipping from our woods has been increasing over the last five years and in 2018 the cost was £200,000 across the UK. Since 2014, the cost of fly tipping and litter clearance has been £1.1 million


Our urban woods are particularly prone to this problem and fly tippers recently dumped a large amount of waste at Gorse Covert Mounds near Warrington. The items dumped included a fridge, freezer, washing machine, child’s car seat, a wheel, bags of rubbish, card board packaging, items used for growing cannabis, turf and soil. It was reported to the police and local council, but unfortunately there was no evidence found to enable the perpetrators to be identified and the Trust has to bear the cost of cleaning it up which was over £700.


A press release written by the PR team was picked up nationally last week to highlight the problem we face across the UK




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