Feb 05 2019

European tree of the year


Nearly 100 years ago, Vic Stead would walk from his home in Garforth, near Leeds, to the nearby village of Aberford. He followed the old colliery railway through the woods to go and visit Nellie, a dairy maid living in Aberford who he was courting at the time.


One day, he came across three beech saplings on his route, and grafted one sapling between the other two to form the letter N, for Nellie. His plan to woo his sweetheart clearly worked, as Vic and Nellie went on to marry, have a family and grow old together. Although they are both gone now, Nellie’s Tree, also known as the ‘Love Tree’ by locals, still remains.


Now, after winning both the English and UK competitions, this special tree is in the running to be named European Tree of the Year 2019. We’ve all been voting here in HQ but Nellie’s tree is sadly falling behind in the votes.


Vote now, and help secure a place in history for Vic and Nellie’s story and their tree.


You can vote for two trees, and make sure you click the link in the confirmation email from the organisers after you have placed your vote.


The UK Tree of the Year competition is run in support of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People – an initiative that sets out 10 tree principles to embed in our society for a future where people and trees are stronger together. Find out more and voice your support at treecharter.uk

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