Feb 04 2019

Super Campaigner News – February 2019

February is always a short month after endless January but we’ve got a lot to pack in. We have three big campaigns to look out for. So, in no particular order:


#ShowTheLove: This campaign, run by our friends at the climate coalition is all about making personal pledges to show the love for the things we love affected by climate change. I challenge you to make a pledge (how about planting a tree?!) then ask your friends family and MP to do the same. I’ve got some postcards that you can use to send to your MP if you want to make them sit up and pay attention with something a little different. The campaign runs from February 5th – 26th. Your usual unique tracked link is: http://www.woodlandtru.st/Zh9hI


Don’t forget to make and wear a green heart badge to #ShowTheLove


DEFRA Street Tree consultation: Another campaign to be sharing and shouting about is the government consultation on their street tree strategy. On the whole we support the plans – they introduce a duty for local authorities to consult their communities before felling and give the forestry commission more powers to respond to illegal felling. In our view, increased transparency and accountability is a good thing – but only when it’s backed up with the resources to make it possible for those that have to deliver it. Please ask your communities to use our super quick form to add their views: http://www.woodlandtru.st/4C7gd.


European Tree of the Year – Voting begins! Remember Nelly’s Tree? The most romantic tree, voted UK tree of the year 2018 is now competing internationally! Voting begins this month and we’ll need to rally support and help it top the European rankings. Keep an eye out for more info!



Naomi Tilley,

Assistant Campaigner


Brilliant Blogs:

Nimue has been blogging about the importance of dead trees. Read her article here.

Our conservation team have also just posted a blog about species reintroductions. Read about what the future holds for beavers and dormice.


Super campaigner of the month

Super campaigner of the month goes to Dave who has been writing a poem for every campaign and sharing them on Facebook. His poems are always poignant and entertaining! Congratulations Dave! Here’s his most recent one:   

a shaped poem to street trees






to trees

and wherever

you put your feets

and wherever

you decide to

meets and place

your bums on seats

you can imagine you’re

in a field of wheat and

who-ever you decide to greet

will thank you for being so neat (or

untidy) – but problem is the tory government

is too mean to cough up enough





is blah blah blah

bleat bleat bleat (like sheep)

Visit Dave’s website here.


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