Jan 28 2019

Nidd Gorge Practical group update

Our practical group at Nidd gorge have got off to a flying start this new year. Led in partnership with Harrogate Borough Council by Countryside Ranger, Sam walker, the first task of the New Year was really well attended.


With two main tasks for the day the group split into two. The first group set about the removal of a redundant fence line, with the fence being stacked neatly for burning/extraction at a later date. Two waymarked posts were left in place to ensure the public right of way could still be followed.


The second group were tasked with bringing an old track back into use. This involved levelling out ruts, as well as widening using logs, brash and soil.   We are delighted to say that thanks to the groups hard work, approximately half the track is now accessible with the remainder to be levelled at a later date. Thanks to everyone who came along and took part!



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