Jan 24 2019

Smithills January Update

Hello all


Happy New Year! Hope that 2019 has got off to a good start for you all.




Welcome to the following new volunteers:


Richard Cooke (Wildlife Monitor)

Bernie McGrath (Wildlife Monitor)

Bev Tabor (Woodland Working Group)

Penny Blackburn (History Group)

James Wilson-Jevon (Wildlife Monitor)


Winter Trees Guided Walk – 23 Feb

The first public event of the year is a Winter Trees Guided Walk, which will be on 23 February. Book here: https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/treeidsmithills


Smithills Supporters’ Group meeting

The next meeting is Tuesday 5 February at 6.30pm here at Smithills Hall. At the last meeting we asked for representatives from each task group to feed back to the main group – Rob Ball has kindly agreed to report back for the Wildlife Group, and Lawrence Marsh for the Volunteer Wardens. Still looking for a representative for the History Group and the Education Volunteers… hands up anyone?


There’s so much going on!

There really IS a lot going on, and we’ve also been doing a lot of work in the background with Claire Green, clarifying the distinct volunteer roles we now have at Smithills and who has signed up to each. Some of you are signed up for five or six different volunteer roles (which is great!) but we realise that the process of organising all of this has potentially been confusing. Over the next few weeks, I will send you all individual emails clarifying which roles you are signed up to on our database, and making sure you have the Task Outlines for each.


In terms of events, I will continue to keep you updated on what’s coming up, and I’ve also reattached the flyers I made before Christmas, showing you the dates for a) the public guided walks we have planned for the year b) the seasonal events this year and c) the dates for supporters’ group meetings and task days.

Dates for meetings of the History Group and Wildlife Group will be sent separately to those groups. As always, if you aren’t in those groups but want to be, let me know

Vicky Entwistle- Engaging Communities Officer, Smithills

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