Jan 24 2019

Save the date for volunteer events South West

Please see below a list of dates for the volunteering network events for the South West 2019. These events are a chance to meet other volunteers, regional staff, find out what is happening within the region, nationally, have a nice lunch, and go for a walk in a wood in the afternoon.

Saturday 30th of March for Devon and Cornwall volunteers

Saturday, 1st June whole region event, based in the centre of the region

Saturday 13th of July for Bristol, Hereford, and Wiltshire based volunteers

Saturday, 7th September for Somerset and Dorset volunteers

These dates have been chosen to avoid woodland working group busy winter season, and to avoid school holidays.

We greatly enjoyed meeting those volunteers who are able to attend the events held last year, and are looking forward to seeing more volunteers at this year’s events.

You are welcome to book onto any of the volunteer network days not just the one being held in the county you volunteer in

These events will be added to the event section on Whittle once everything has been finalised, with details of how to book on too. If you have any questions please do contact Amanda Bealing on amandabealing@woodlandtrust.org.uk or 07391 868 565

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