Jan 24 2019

Coppicing at Castle Hills Wood

Thanks to everyone who came along on our practical work day at Castle Hills, Castleside, near Consett last week for a lovely day of hazel coppicing.

Working in the central area of the site, volunteers worked hard coppicing and creating deer protection ‘cylinders’ made up from materials sourced from cut material. Stakes were created to form circle of 5 to 6 verticals, about 1m diameter and 1m high then wove roughly a circular barrier through these. This should allow for straight new materials to grow compared to covering with brush.

During our lunch break we had the opportunity to fire up our new Kelly Kettle up and all volunteers enjoyed a hot soup/ hot drink!

Thanks to everyone who came to join us and look forward to our next session in Mid February


Alan Wallace, Group leader, Castle Hills Wood

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