Jan 22 2019

Observatree Needs You!

Observatree is currently recruiting a big cohort of new volunteers, the advert for which can be found here: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer-with-us/opportunities/tree-health-surveyor-various-locations/


Established in 2013 and led by Forest Research, Observatree is a multi-partner project that began as a four year project with 50% funding from the EU’s LIFE Programme. Thanks to additional funding from within the partnership, Observatree is continuing for the foreseeable future. The project is designed to give people the resources they need to identify tree pests and diseases and to report them to the correct authorities to facilitate a rapid response where necessary. It does this by:


  • Supporting a network of volunteers who receive extensive training in the identification of pests and diseases; these volunteers survey their local trees and report on their health. These volunteers are managed by the Woodland Trust who are a major partner in the Observatree project
  • Providing a range of educational resources (field guides, posters, videos, webinars) which are freely accessible on the Observatree website observatree.org.uk


If you would like to join our network of volunteers creating a surveillance system for tree pests and diseases then I would love to receive an application. I am looking for volunteers across England, Scotland, and Wales but particularly in the following areas:

North and South Wales

North Cornwall and Devon








The North East and the North West


Thanks, Charlotte Armitage

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