Jan 07 2019

Super Campaigner News – January 2019

Happy new year! I hope you’ve all had good break and are ready to get cracking now it’s 2019!


Before we get started, please think back to December and fill out this months survey. You’ve managed to get 171 clicks across the different campaigns which is amazing! You must all have been working hard! I’d love to know how you shared it or if you did something other that share the links.


2019 is kicking off with a campaign asking people to respond to Gatwick’s Masterplan consultation. The draft masterplan sets out three possible scenarios at Gatwick, ranging from using technology to increase effieciency to building a new runway. The draft plans talk of ‘safeguarding’ the land surrounding Gatwick – not a word we would use. They are in fact, reserving and earmarking land ready for potential future development. The area in question is covered in extensive ancient woodland. Earmarking the land is not only inappropriate but also unneccessary, as there are no current government policy or backing for an additional runway. Our immediate concern is the suggestion that the land surrounding Gatwick could be officially allocated for possible future expansion. The current consultation could be used as evidence of public enagement if plans to develop did ever move forward. It is therefore essential that we make it clear that ancient woodland should never be built on and therefore there is no need to reserve the land just in case. This is your personal tracked link: http://www.woodlandtru.st/SOI2d


Here’s an example tweet/post to help you share the campaign:


Ancient woodland is under threat from #Gartwick’s Masterplan which earmarks land for future development. Respond to their consultation before Thursday to #StandUpForTrees http://www.woodlandtru.st/SOI2d


The Campaign Closes January 10th so we’ve not got long!


Super campaigner of the month

This month Dion wins the crown. He joined the Friends of the Earth protest in Cardiff, campaigning against the M4 which threatens ancient woodland and took Woodland Trust placards – well done! Its a great example of how you can attend an existing event and take our message along! If you need any resources like placards for an event, all you need to do is send me an email and I’ll send them out to you. Well done Dion!


Brilliant blogs

Its been another great month for blogging – heres one from Nimue about the signs of spring in midwinter and one on our impact on nature from Devi. Enjoy!

Keep an eye out for our campaign update which will go live in the next few days. You’ll find it here.


Happy Campaigning!

Naomi Tilley

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