Dec 18 2018

10,000 trees for 10,000 men and women

Jeremy Evans One of the South West’s Outreach advisors  has been working with Wiltshire County Council to support their ambitious planting project to plant 10,000 trees in memory of the men and women who died in the First World War 

The council worked with 109 Community Groups to apply for tree packs and in total 10,800 trees have been planted.

The council’s leader Baroness Scott of Bybrook sent Jeremy a letter of thanks for the support he and the Woodland Trust had given – please see below.

The plan is to now build on this relationship with Wiltshire County Council so we can continue to promote our tree packs and planting opportunities to the people and landowners of Wiltshire alongside our Ancient Woodland Restoration advice too

Jeremy also would like to say a big Thank you to Edward Crawshaw for his positive and efficient efforts getting all the right trees to the right place on time!  

Dear Jeremy, 

Re: WW1 Commemorative Tree Planting in Wiltshire 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the Woodland Trust for working with us to deliver our ambitious WW1 Commemorative Tree Planting project. 

We set out to plant 10,000 trees across the county, to create a lasting tribute to the 10,000 men and women from Wiltshire who sacrificed their lives during the First World War. 

With your generous support in donating the trees, we have been able to exceed our target and in total 10,800 trees have been planted by 109 local community groups across Wiltshire. Everyone, of all ages, have embraced this wonderful initiative, and the trees will have a lasting and positive impact on our landscape and environment. 

Your support is very much appreciated and has enabled us to deliver our aim of creating a lasting tribute to the fallen from our county. 

Kind regards and thank you again, 


Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE 

Leader of Wiltshire Council 

Article written by Jane Craven South West Engagement and Communications Manager

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