Dec 15 2018

First new planting at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood

Huge congratulations to all the volunteers and to site manager Jill Aitken after a phenomenal planting week at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Perthshire.  The Trust bought this stunning oak wood in 2017, along with some adjacent fields, many of which had previously been under woodland until the 1940s and 50s.   We plan to replant many of these with 34,000 native saplings to buffer the existing oakwood.


The first 2250 new trees went in the ground the week before last, with weekday visits from local primary schools and staff from Nationwide and Aviva. MP Pete Wishart and MSP Mark Ruskell also came to help.  The volunteer Woodland Working Group were out in force all week, helping with the corporate planting.  Together with volunteers from these companies they planted orchard trees around the car park and removed some more Rhododendron ponticum.  The action culminated with a community planting day on Saturday which saw about 90 people help finish planting the area next to our new carpark.  A food truck providing soup, hot drinks and cake was there to feed the hard working planters!


Jim Low, Woodland Working Group leader, took this ‘photo’ of Jill Aitken, Site Manager and her team at the public planting day!


Aside from creating a new native wood the exercise has further cemented us into the local community. People left on Saturday begging us to let them know the next planting days in Spring next year!


Here are some more photos of the fantastic week!









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