Dec 12 2018

Hooray! We’ve reached our 250,000th member!

We are very pleased to announce that the Woodland Trust now has over 250,000 members!  This is a HUGE milestone for us as an organisation, and our longer term strategy.


We’ve come such a long way since day one in 1972. Thanks to a group of friends sat around Kenneth Watkins kitchen table worrying about threats to ancient woodland, the Woodland Trust was born. We soon recruited our first member and it snowballed from there.


However, the bigger we get, the tougher the challenge. For the past six years our membership numbers have remained relatively stable, despite recruiting loads of new members, we’ve been losing a similar number. Until now. This year has seen a net growth of around 15,000 members finally pushing us over the quarter of a million mark!!


That 250,000th member was James Dodd who joined us at Alderley Edge May Fair. Read about him and his family below:


James Dodd became Woodland Trust member 250,000 when he and his partner Hayley Vickers and two children Harrison and Vivienne joined as family members earlier this year.

‘As a boy I helped my dad plant a wood so I’ve always had a love for trees – my favourite tree is the oak tree. We’d been thinking about joining the Trust for a while – we’re an outdoorsy family with a keen interest in nature so when we bumped into your recruiter Stuart at Alderley Edge May Fair, the time was definitely right to sign up as family members. It’s wonderful to be part of a group of thousands of people who are helping protect woods and trees. We like how you grow native species, plant up woodland and encourage more people to visit. Harrison and Vivienne love being nature detectives – they’ve used their leaf ID a lot out on walks and were thrilled to spot a horn beetle.

Hopefully all the activities they take part in will give them a lifelong love of nature, although at the moment Harrison wants to be a footballer and Vivienne an architect!’


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