Dec 11 2018

Kinclaven Group keep on bashing!

Kinclaven Woodland Working Group have boundless energy and enthusiasm!  Having helped out for several days at our planting week the week before last, helping corporate volunteers and school children plant trees and remove rhododendron, the group has now had another really good go at both activities, on Saturday 8th December.


I must admit that when I first saw the impenetrable ocean of the non-native, evergreen invasive, Rhododendron ponticum, in our bluebell wood, I thought that it would be much too big a task for volunteers to remove it.   ‘Tip of the iceberg’ was the phrase that came to mind when I imagined them setting about with their bow saws and loppers….but I will now eat my hat / words…me of little faith!  After a couple of months there is no hardly any left!!


I’d like to thank the Kinclaven Woodland Working group for all they have done so far!  They are a new group that only really got going this year, and they are already incredibly well organised, independent, motivated and effective.  They have achieved so much in the wood, from fence and rubbish removal to tree planting and Himalayan balsam bashing.  The leaders,  Ian and Jim, are really organised and have very a very good regard for health and safety when running and monitoring the group.  The group is so enthusiastic it’s often hard to get them to down tools and stop for the day!!


They have achieved so much for us in 2018!  A billion thanks from all of us in Woodland Trust Scotland!


Here are some photos from Saturday!

Matilda Scharsach

Volunteering Development Officer, Scotland



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