Dec 04 2018

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter December 2018

First, of course, a very Happy Christmas to all our members and we trust we will be seeing all of you in the New Year.

Now to more mundane matters; the forecast for the 1st  Dcember turned out to be unduly pessimistic and overnight rain ceased promptly at 9.30 and 7 of us had a useful session. Others who had hoped to come were prevented attending by enforced  Christmas shopping and other yuletide activities (thank you for letting us know)!

Once again we had three groups Richard got to work on clearing the now very soggy remaining leaves from the steps while David and Chris S finished off the north steps. One revetment was added here and  several of the new steps which were pooled with mud were refilled with gravel left over from the contractors work on the path beyond the bridleway.


In the Kitchen Garden George and Brian O got to work removing the old railings prior to their reinstatement. Some remarkable pieces of ironwork were foundmany of which can be reused


Meanwhile Bev and Martyn carried on clearing the brashings from around the red cedar which was felled last month. The many planks made from this tree ( which died earlier this year for reasons unknown) have been removed together with our “ lobsterpot” to be converted into a seat which will be sited by the Great Oak blocking out the view of Casa Mia.


Bev trying to convince us he felled the red Cedar with his loppers…………but pride comes before a fall! 

As most of you will now know the planning application for 4/5 house to be built on the Casa Mia site was refused earlier this year and so far no appeal has been lodged. So it came as a surprise to see another adjacent site come up for sale. This was on the other side of the bridle path but still forms a wildlife corridor between ourselves and the Sneyd Park Nature Reserve.  There are several restrictions on development on this site on which trees cannot be grown. At the short notice given there was no way in which the Avon Wildlife Trust or Friends of Sneyd Park Nature Reserve could make a bid  for the site which was sold for £152,000 last week. The new owners are not as yet known

New year Working Party January 5th 2019

Thank you to Chris and Bev for your newsletter


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