Nov 30 2018

Hardy Haddon Fields volunteers lend a hand

Woodland Trust volunteers braved some rather lively weather yesterday to carry out tidying up and tree replacement activities at Haddon Fields. Site manager Stephen Reynolds met with volunteers onsite in this lovely part of Northamptonshire. Haddon Fields comprises of grazing fields, with small pockets of recently planted broadleaf trees along the south-eastern boundary of the site. These small pockets of new trees were the focus of the work, with volunteers replacing the trees that had not grown or had suffered damage with willow, oak, field maple and silver birch. The new trees were protected with canes and tree guards.


Hot drinks and cake were essential  – the group faced every type of weather condition from cold and rain to gales and sun. As the session ended the group experienced a glorious rainbow, which was set against a dramatic dark-grey sky.



Not only is Haddon Fields significant in terms of wildlife and planted trees, but it is also historically significant. Ridge and Furrow – a farming system used during the Middle Ages can be found on the site. These ridges and troughs extend down towards Sidom’s Ford, which runs through Haddon Fields towards the village of Clipston.


Today, this site is a favourite of the local community and many come to enjoy a pleasant walk. The ‘Friends of Haddon Fields’ group kindly donate their time to help with the management and maintenance of the site and run family events. Haddon Fields is made up of two fields and was generously donated to the Woodland Trust by the previous landowner Miss Haddon.


Thank you to the ‘Friends of Haddon Fields’ for all of their help and support!



Feature Image (The Friends of Haddon Fields with Site Manager Stephen Reynolds) by Jim Tyson

More of Jim’s images from the day can be found here:

Other images by Amanda Brookes

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