Nov 19 2018

It’s National Tree Charter Day!

Saturday 24 November is the first ever national ‘Tree Charter Day’. As a Woodland Trust volunteer you are already doing so much to help us embed the Tree Charter’s 10 Principles. Thank you!


Along with more than 70 other organisations, we designed the charter to set out the role trees and woods play in our lives, the rights we all have to the benefits trees and woodland provide, and our responsibilities towards maintaining and supporting them. Each of its 10 Principles seeks to articulate the relationship between people and trees in the 21st Century.


Together, we’re turning the Tree Charter’s vision into reality – changing the way people think about trees, what we all do to defend and care for them, and how we all choose to include them in our lives from now on. Tree Charter Day is the perfect time to give thanks to the trees, and we just wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thanks” to you, for everything you do for them.


Learn more about the Tree Charter:



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