Nov 14 2018

Super Campaigner News – November

Hello and welcome to my first Whittle update! Thank you for your patience while I have found my feet. It’s been a hectic first month or so!


The first reminder for this month is that its Tree Charter Day on Saturday 24th November. This is our opportunity to celebrate all things trees and spend a moment appreciating everything they do for us. Remember you can read and sign the Charter here. This is a perfect opportunity to hold an autumnal event like a walk or coffee morning. We can help you with resources for for this – just give me a shout. We also want as much social media coverage as possible running up to, and on the day so you can all get involved. The hashtag is #TreeCharterDay. Let me know your plans!


The other big (enormous) campaign for us to get stuck into is HS2, Phase 2b. The consultation on the environmental statement for Phase 2b is open until December 21st. The key takeaway is that 37 ancient woodlands are threatened with damage or destruction adding up to 16.7 hectares which is much worse than we thought.  It is essential that we send as many responses objecting to the plans as possible. That’s where you come in. To help with this I have uploaded a work plan for you in the library section of whittle. Feel free to use this as much or as little as you need. The link to our campaign that we’d like you to share is this – I know this isn’t a bitly link but it is already shortened and hopefully it will mean I can report how many clicks we get!


I know it’s been very quiet at our end over the last few months but it’s still important that we know what you’ve been up to. If you are a Super Campaigner volunteer, please fill in the hours & activity survey for last month. Even if you have only ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ WT posts we would love to know that you’re doing it – it makes a massive difference. Extra information is a bonus!!


You can fill in the survey here.


Thank you for all your hard work,



Super Campaigner Volunteer Network Manager



Super Campaigner Volunteer of the Month

Super Campaigner of the month will start again in the next update! Make sure you fill out the survey and keep me up to date with what’s happening!


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