Oct 04 2018

Northern Irish Farming Needs You!

NIEL, together with partners across the Nature Matters NI campaign, have been working hard to raise awareness about the proposed new Agricultural Framework for Northern Ireland. 

Northern Ireland needs an agriculture policy that protects and restores the environment on which farming depends: here’s your chance to make that a reality.  All you have to do is sign up to the e-action.

Leaving the European Union represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to scrap their farming policies, which have unintentionally caused huge environmental damage, and instead create new ones that provide for farmers, nature and society.

We all want to see a future in which farmers provide high quality and nutritious food, from a countryside rich in nature. Farmers should be supported to help restore species and habitats, improve our soils and provide unpolluted water and air for all of society to benefit from and enjoy.

If you haven’t signed up yet please follow the link below, and help reach the target of 1000 sign-ups:

A new agriculture policy that is good for farmers, nature and people is needed- add your support sign the e-action!

Please note deadline for responses is the 10th October 2018.

For more information and to send your comments visit the RSPB website.



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