Sep 26 2018

Fantastic beasts and where to find them!

Jim Low volunteers at our beautiful Kinclaven Bluebell Wood as a Woodland Warden and a Woodland Working Group Leader. 


Jim is passionate about this stunning ancient oak wood and spends many a day observing and photographing the wildlife there.  He has seen redstarts, spotted flycatchers, nuthatches, red squirrels and many more species of flora and fauna in the wood.


He knows all there is to know about the history and wildlife of this special place and we are very lucky to have him onboard.  Watch this space as he is soon to become a fully fledged guided walks leader at Kinclaven – we are delighted that he will be sharing his knowledge and passion about this special place. 


This week he emailed me these beautiful photos of a nuthatch and red squirrels.  Thanks so much to Jim for brightening up our day in the Perth office!




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