Sep 17 2018

Invasive Rhododendron well and truly bashed!

The volunteer Woodland Working Group (WWG) at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Perthshire have made a start on removing Rhododendron ponticum that is choking parts of this beautiful ancient oak woodland.  Twelve hardy volunteers from the group helped out last Thursday to start removing some of the highly invasive shrub, which prevents native ground cover flora and shrubs from growing as well as preventing natural regeneration of native trees.


The trusty team of ponticum bashers!


Ian Riches, one of group’s two leaders, has written a short piece about their exploits to help us look after this wonderful bluebell wood:


“The Kinclaven Bluebell Woods WWG has been working hard in the first year of Woodland Trust ownership. Tons of old pheasant hunting scrap metal and ancient fences have been removed, a large area of Himalayan Balsam has been heavily targeted over the summer months and now autumn is around the corner we have made a start on the huge area of Rhododendron ponticum. The area covers at least one and a half hectares and its removal will be an ongoing project for several years to come.

The work we achieved last week was a significant start and there are now a few oak and yew trees that are getting a whole new view of their surroundings!  Visitors are probably quite surprised at what they can see too!  We plan to work on this into the winter and early spring with a variety of volunteer events. As a huge boost we will be conducting a whole day ‘Rhody bashing’ open day event on 27 October from 1000 to 1700 with a barbecue lunch. If you’re in Scotland, come along and join us!  There’s a lot to do!!”.


If you’d like to go along to the Rhododendron ponticum bashing session on 27th October, then please email .


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer



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