Aug 24 2018

Bluebell and bird walks in Oldmoor Woods..

I am the warden for Oldmoor Wood near Nottingham. The wood is 40 acres with a good variety of trees, most of the woodland was planted nearly 300 years ago, it has a splendid bluebell show at the end of April and the first two weeks of May. The wood was part of the Strelley Estate that was sold off in the 1970s. Strelley Hall, now a business centre, also has a very good cafe, The Mulberry Tree. I work with the cafe owner, she advertises the walks on the cafe’s website and I conduct the walks. The cafe gets extra customers and I get the chance to show off the wood, hand out leaflets and promote the Woodland Trust. The cafe gives me a donation of £1 for every person who attends, I pass on a cheque for about £80 each year to the Trust. The walks are quite popular and a number of people have been on them for several years now, to see the bluebell show, learn a little more about birds and their songs and simply enjoy getting out into woodland for a walk. Hopefully some will continue to enjoy woodland and perhaps join the Trust.

Thank you to the volunteer office for supplying leaflets etc and to my site manager James Jesson for his support.

John Revill.


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