Aug 18 2018

Visit to Allington Hill

On 14th August I went to go and meet a group of dedicated volunteers at Allington Hill in Bridport Dorset. It is always a pleasure to meet our dedicated passionate volunteers who take such care of the woods.

I was delighted to be given a book about the beautiful Allington Hill, and here is a little extract from the book ‘ Allington Hill is a prominent feature of the Bridport Landscape and is approximately half a mile from the Town centre and within walking distance…. Although the hill is managed by the Woodland trust, Cooper’s Field and Wood are now managed by Allington Paris Council who took over the lease in 2013. Since the Formation of the Allington Hill Volunteer Group, they have carried out a lot of work on the area, such as creating footpaths, laying hedges, clearing scrub, planting trees and creating wild flower meadows. …… The group also arrange events to encourage the local community, especially children, to use the hill and also to maintain the natural habitat.


I was treated to a walk around the beautiful wood, and loved all the signs and bench which was hand carved by one of the volunteers too.



After my walk around, I them met some of the other passionate and dedicated volunteers for lunch over an open fire, what better way to spend the day?




Thank you to all the volunteers not only for making me so welcome and showing me the work you are doing.

Amanda Bealing – Volunteer Development officer South West


  • CathyHarvey

    At last a rainy day when I can sit down at the computer and not want to be outside. We had such a lovely day and we really appreciated seeing someone from the Woodland Trust to share all the things we have been up to. Since we have seen you we have had a local gang of scyther’s turn up wanting to practice their skills on our meadow. We have also done a bat walk when we met two new families to the area and the children had great fun around the camp fire with hot chocolate and marsh mallows. We saw bats and heard a chorus of Owls, it was amazing. Hope you can visit again Amanda. If any other volunteers from different sites want to visit please let us know.

    August 26, 2018 at 2:26 pm

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