Lead Volunteers fro Langley Vale Wood at First Aid course
Aug 17 2018

Safety first at Langley Vale Wood

Lead Volunteers at Langley Vale Wood learn First Aid     

The safety of our volunteers is really important to us so we ensure that First Aiders are always available when volunteers are working on our sites.


I joined eight of our new Lead Volunteers for Langley Vale Wood yesterday to find out how to deal with an emergency. The trainer from Surrey First Aid spent the day showing us how to check if a casualty is breathing, bandage wounds, deal with burns and seizures and administer CPR, if required. We also learnt how to use a defibrillator – this talked us through a series of simple instructions and can save lives.  


We also spent some time talking about the different risks associated with working outdoors and how to keep casualties warm as we often work in the winter and the volunteers could be some distance from a road when medical help arrives.


The training was enjoyable and has given the Lead Volunteers confidence to deal with an emergency. They will now be checking the contents of their First Aid kits and are planning a series of mock scenarios to practice their new skills.

Lead Volunteers learning CPR  Lead Volunteers practising bandaging 

Lead Volunteer checking for breathing     Lead Volunteers learning First Aid

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