Aug 06 2018

Launch of new Practical Conservation Group at Nidd Gorge North Bank

We are excited to announce the launch of a new monthly conservation volunteer group at our Nidd Gorge site, near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire.


The 46ha (114-acre) Nidd Gorge wood is located in a steep-sided valley around two kilometres (1.5 miles) west of Knaresborough. The river Nidd runs east to west through the gorge, dividing the woodland into two almost equal parts. This ancient broadleaved woodland is brimming with birdlife – more than 80 species have been recorded. In springtime, the woodland floor is scattered with bluebell, wild garlic, celandine, and clumps of delicate, purple-veined wood sorrel and its Iron Age fort at Gates Hill and remains of coal pits and lime kilns serve as reminders of the site’s historical and industrial heritage.


The new group has been set up in partnership with Harrogate Borough Council, with practical days being led by  HBC Countryside Ranger, Sam Walker. Working on the north bank of the gorge, the group will compliment the existing fantastic work of Bilton Conservation Volunteers, who work predominantly on the Bilton Beck side of the gorge and have  been engaged in undertaking conservation improvements at the site for many years.


Celebrating their inaugural day on the 17th July, the group will be meeting to carry out valuable practical conservation work in the gorge once each month on alternate Thursdays and Saturdays.



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