Aug 06 2018

Environment Agency says dry weather is affecting plants and animals

Please see the story on ITV West Country web page

The Environment Agency is monitoring rivers across the region. Credit: ITV West Country

The Environment Agency is monitoring trees and wildlife across the region with the prolonged dry weather forecast to continue.

The Agency has declared Prolonged Dry Weather status, meaning it is preparing for drought and monitoring rivers to identify which areas are most at risk

Wild animals have been suffering with many having to travel much further to find water and food.

Blackbirds, robins, hedgehogs and badgers are really struggling because a lot of their diet is made up of earthworms and as the ground gets drier, the earthworms are burrowing deeper.

If berries ripen early they could be in short supply later in the year.

Rising water temperatures combined with lower river levels can also put fish in danger

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Did anyone see our very own Malcolm Allen appear on ITV West Country news on Thursday 2nd August?

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