Jul 24 2018

Rare Barberry Carpet moth found at The Nymph Hay

We were contacted by Butterfly Conservation, as they wanted to visit The Nymph Hay in order to look for Barberry Carpet Moth larvae. There are only 10 colonies left in Britain therefore they were hoping that the barberry plants on site at The Nymph Hay would support this species. These are extremely rare moths, only 8 species of moth have specific legal protection in the UK, with the Barberry Carpet moth being one of them. They are protected under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.



Fiona from Butterfly Conservation visited the site and surveyed for the larvae and found 3 Barberry Carpet larvae on the bushes by the western entrance.  This is really exciting as it’s another colony no one knew about and now takes the count on the website about the project https://naturebftb.co.uk/the-projects/barberry-carpet-moth/ from 10 known colonies to 11.



Butterfly Conservation have offered us some more barberry plants, approx. 30 and have identified locations onsite where these could be placed so we hope to make this a small scale local event in due course.



Photos are from Fiona Haynes of butterfly conservation.

Thank you to Sarah Stebbing site manager at The Nymph Hay for this amazing story

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