Jul 23 2018

“Lightning” Liz Saves The Day!

Liz Bracken has one of the most unusual volunteering roles in the Trust – she is our official osprey camera volunteer at Loch Arkaig.


Liz lives on the opposite side of the Loch from our camera nest and can see it through a telescope from her home. Her original role was to contribute local observations to the forum below the live camera feed, and act as a roving ambassador for the camera feed in the local area. However, since the live feed stopped working several weeks ago, her job has taken on a whole new importance. She is the only source of information on our osprey pair with her online updates keenly awaited by fans around the world.


Despite losing their eggs to a pine marten back in May, our ospreys Louis and Aila have continued to bond with each other and the nest. Thanks to Liz’s observations we know they are still visiting the nest most days.


It emerged last week that the camera issues had been caused by a lightning strike. We have tried various technical fixes on site, and Liz helped with those too. Eventually we had to remove the camera and send it off for attention. Her reports continue to keep everyone informed.


Huge thanks to “Lightning” Liz for saving the day!


Meanwhile, a chick has been successfully reared at the next nest 2km away. We’ve nicknamed it “Bolt” as it braved the same storm which cooked our camera!


Bolt, the new osprey chick raised at Loch Arkaig.


Check out our behind the scenes package on the Loch Arkaig osprey cam.

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