Jul 17 2018

Sunny Saturday for Belton volunteer network event

Belton Old School House was the stunning venue for the extremely hot and sunny volunteer network event which took place last weekend.

Volunteers from across the central region and beyond attended the event, and heard various presentations by Woodland Trust staff which focussed on a variety of topics. Kaye Brennan and Sarah Shorley used an innovative way to tell the group all about the Tree Charter, from its development and launch to plans for the future. Louise Tuffin, Communications and Engagement Manager for the central region shared some of the Woodland Trust’s communication and engagement work, whilst Ian Froggatt, the Estate Manager for the central region gave a regional update from a site management perspective. Ian also gave an interesting presentation about the joint Woodland Trust and National Trust HLF-funded project which is focussing on the Belton and Londonthorpe sites.

Volunteers who carry out a range of roles for both the Woodland Trust and National Trust attended and in the audience there were tree threat detectors, woodland working group leaders and members, wildlife monitors, wardens, woodland creation champions and volunteer speakers, to name a few. The group split into focus groups after coffee so that information could be shared relevant to the various roles, points could be discussed and questions raised and answered.

After lunch the group was treated to a guided walk around the Belton parkland, escorted by National Trust staff member Nick Brown. Nick, the area ranger for the site, provided the group with a fascinating overview of Belton park, stopping along the way to point out interesting trees and explaining certain aspects of park management. He highlighted the conservation and management work that he and his team carries out whilst balancing the need to accommodate huge numbers of visitors onto the site.


All in all a great day, thanks to all who attended.


All in all a great day, thanks to all that attended.

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