Jul 13 2018

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter 16th June 2018

Lots has happened in the last fortnight. The main event was the Bristol Festival of Wildlife last weekend which Bev and Chris were asked to support. The weather was perfect and there was a lot of interest. Many trees were given to those who signed up, and a number of new members were recruited. But why no banner? Attractions included a new “blow up“ tree with a large number of wildlife species for kids to to velcro on. There was also the treeman/woman costume  . This had been borrowed from the  WT member who ran the London Marathon wearing it in an attempt to beat the Guinness Record. He achieved the remarkable time of 4 hours 5 minutes but did not beat the record. A number of us volunteered for a stint wearing the bark and it was wonderful how the children reacted to it . 


Our entry for the Bristol Tree of the Year 2018 has gone in . At the time of writing there are very few entries but these do not close until November – you will get a reminder to vote at the appropriate time!



Back in the wood

Brian Orchard has been busy in this tree nursery (or is that Brian Nursery has been busy in the tree Orchard?). The aim of this is to graft old trees now nearing their end of their life in the wood on to new semi dwarfing root stock so these can be replaced. As those who attended Les Davies excellent course there are several ways of doing this and we have examples of both “bid grafts” and “scions”. It would seem that, bud grafts are rather easier to do but it is a steep learning curve.

 Brian’s Tree nursery


Working Party

Thank you to all those who let us know they could not attend: it was a very busy weekend elsewhere. Even so 8 were able to come and the prior notice by members meant we had enough of everything to make a major impact on the pergola painting. Thanks to Jay and Brian for material and brushes. Despite the fact that the forecast predicted rain all morning this did not arrive until we were packing up at 12.45. No photos of that Hammerite is messy stuff which does not go well with cameras but Bev and Brian Price’s work on level 4 progresses  to make access safe and no more Knotweed has been found to date.




Next Working Party  

This will be on Saturday 7th July 2018 



Some of you may have noticed that Chris has been putting up letters from Australian soldiers and other letters relevant to life at Bishops Knoll from  100 years ago. Here is one of the current ones for those who have not visited the wood recently

Cornwell Mines


June 16th (1918)

Mr Bush

Dear Sir,

Just a few lines hoping you are quite well as it leaves me fairly well at present. I arrived back in Australia on 14th Feb we had a lovely trip across. I have not been very good since I got back and the Military have not treated me very good. I have not been able to work and they have refused to give me a pension so it goes a bit hard on me, when you have got to depend on strangers for your food. I have no home but thank God I am doing fairly well. I wish to thank you and Mrs Bush for your kindness to me while at the Knoll and will never forget it, it is a great pity there is not more like you in the world. Thanks is not much for what you have done, but it is all I can give. I remain


Yours Sincerely J Bradbury


P.S. give my Best respects to Mrs Bush

Source Bristol Reference Library. Ref BLS  B28421


Thank you to Chris and Bev for this newsletter


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