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Jul 05 2018

Woods under Threat Detector July Update

Welcome to the Woods under Threat Detector update I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny weather. 


I would like to extend a big welcome to the Super Campaigners who have been included in this update. Sally, their Volunteer Manager left the Trust last month for new adventures and I have offered to be their point of contact until a replacement is appointed.


If you have any questions please drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help.


This month:

Woods under Threat Statistics

Handbook for updating the AWI published by NE

New training materials

Upcoming events

Campaigns and Blogs


Best wishes and thanks for all your hard work



Woods under Threat Statistics

At the end of June we did our regular stats update. We knew we had been busy but the total of Woods now under Threat across the UK has risen to 823 which the largest number we have ever recorded. In addition analysis of our data reveals that of all the Planning Application responses that the Trust has submitted to Local Authorities over the past year 50% were written by the Woods under Threat Detector network which is excellent.

A big “Thank You” to you all for regularly monitoring and drafting responses for planning applications that impact on ancient woodland. You really do make a difference.


Handbook for updating the Ancient Woodland Inventory published by Natural England


This is a technical handbook but it sets out the methodology used by Natural England to update the English ancient woodland inventory. It was developed during the south east ancient woodland revision project and provides a clear and consistent methodology for updates, so that the inventory can be systematically updated by Natural England and partners, and for others to understand and apply the methodology.


New Training Materials

I have uploaded 2 new articles into the Whittle Library

The first is a brief introduction to the English Planning system

The second is some top tips on using the different mapping systems we use for England, Scotland and Wales

Please let me know if you have difficulty accessing them.


Upcoming Events

Please head over to the events page for details of some exciting events coming up over the next few months.

If you can get along to one of the regional celebration events I thoroughly recommend it as they are a wonderful opportunity to meet other volunteers in your area.


Also, you will notice a number of Volunteer Induction events listed. These new sessions are the opportunity to get up to date with the work of the Trust and how volunteers fit in to what we do. It will cover an overview of the organisation and its aims and objectives as well as what you can expect from your volunteering experience with us.  These sessions are primarily for new Trust volunteers but all volunteers will find them interesting so if you would like to pop along please contact your local Volunteering Development Officer.


Campaigns and Blogs

Tree of the Year Nominations Open

It’s that time of year again if you know of a wonderful tree you can nominate it for Tree of The Year please click here https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/tree-of-the-year-2018-nominations/ for more details and the nomination form.

Live Campaigns

Check out The Trust’s website to get involved in these campaigns while you still can and share with others!

The HS2 campaign to call on Nusrat Ghani, the HS2 minister, to step in, and support the tunnel under Whitmoor and Barhill Woods in Staffordshire is proving to be very popular with over 10,000 actions taken so far.

Latest Campaigns and Policy News 

Click here https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/ to have a look at the latest Woodland Trust Blogs.


And Finally

Please remember to let me know what you have been getting up to and how many hours you have have spent on volunteering for the Trust over the past month.

Super Campaigners, if you would like your blog featured on Whittle or in our campaigns newsletter, do please let me know.



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