Jun 29 2018

Update on Winter Hill Wildfire – Smithills News

You may have seen the news last night that a wildfire started burning at Winter Hill, the Northern most point of our Smithills Estate in Bolton.





The Smithills team have been working around the clock for several days now – helping the Fire Service, ensuring that our neighbours and tenants are informed and that people are safe.  The current state of play is that as far as we are aware all the tenants, residents and their animals are safe, the fires are now smouldering rather than burning and we are continuing to work with the members of the Emergency Services as they dig a fire brake in order to form a barrier to keep the fire contained.


We think that approximately 140 Ha of moorland has been lost but as you can imagine we are still building a complete picture. The access roads to the estate have been closed to keep members of the public away from the fire and the team are continuing to respond to a rapidly changing situation.



In typical Woodland Trust style we’ve made sure the fire fighters are adequately hydrated with water and tea before retreating to a safer distance.



Whilst currently under control this is an on-going situation and may take some time to extinguish. The advice therefore for any enquiries that come through to the Trust is for people to stay well clear of the site of the fire. The size it has covered makes the area dangerous.



Further update: 22-year-old from Bolton arrested in connection with Winter Hill fire. No more information at this time


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