Jun 27 2018

Volunteers needed to help survey Ash Dieback in Northern Ireland (Summer 2018)

Be part of a Northern Ireland wide survey as we take on the task of surveying all of the Woodland Trust estate.

The survey is an essential part of our programme in identifying Ash trees and other species at threat of diesase that pose a potential risk to the public and need to be removed in the future.  We will prodominently be focusing the survey in areas that post most risk for example in areas adjacent to roads and pathways.

We need your help!
The survey will take place across the Summer completing in September, we need help from volunteers to visit one/mutiple Woodland Trust sites, walk the site recording what you see, and reporting findings back to the team.  We would estimate a time commitment of approximately one hour per visit and how many woods you would like to visit is up to you!

Training will be available on site – further details will be available soon.

If you would like to volunteer some time to help with the surveys please contact Lynsey Nixon at lynseynixon@woodlandtrust.org.uk

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