Jun 16 2018

Owl you need is…

These three young tawny owls were recently recorded in a nesting box at Lineover Wood, while the adult and juvenile were found in another box. 




This is the 20th year of monitoring owl boxes by a team of volunteers in Lineover Wood.Two of the 12 of the boxes were found to be occupied by breeding birds this year, when members of the Lineover Wood Volunteer Group did their annual spring check.


Each year, records are sent to the same owl specialist who has received the data ever since the boxes were erected in 1998, as part of a short-lived collaborative project between the Woodland Trust and Hawk and Owl Trust. In recent years, an experienced bird ringer has ringed any owls found adding to the value of this long-term survey.


If you’d like to use these images please contact site manager Joe Middleton to get permission from the ringers.


Words  by Paul Arnold  pictures: Brian Atkinson

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