Mixed woodland with steep banks and river flowing through it
Jun 05 2018

Woods under Threat Detector network June update

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A very big “Thank You”

Check out the new additions to the Whittle Library

Unusual case of the month

Campaigns newsletter

Free Theatre Tickets Offer

Thank You

As Volunteers Week is here I just wanted to say a Very Big Thank You for all the hard work you have done for us over the past year.  I have been having a preliminary look at the stats for the past 12 months the Campaigns Team sent in nearly 280 responses to planning applications and over 120 were written by volunteers. I know I keep saying it but you are making a big difference in our aim to protect ancient woodland and ancient and veteran trees.


New Additions to the Whittle Library

(Of particular interest to Scottish Woods under Threat Detectors)
Arina and I have added some extra files to the Woods under Threat Detector Section of the Whittle Library which will be of particular interest to Scottish Woods under Threat Detectors. You will find a number of items in the Scottish Documents sections about Local Development Plan work and the Scottish standard paragraphs have had a minor tweek. Please use the updated version of the paragraphs for your responses from now on.


Unusual Case of the Month

This month we have Catherine to thank for our unusual case. It was for a small hydro scheme in an area of plantation woodland including the excavation and construction of two intakes, a pipeline and turbine house with tailrace, In addition to a new permanent access track to the turbine house and a new temporary access track to service the construction of the intake.

We objected to this application due to the construction work being likely to cause major disturbance to the ancient woodland, in particular the soils. From the available plans it appears that the pipeline will be installed over a distance of approximately 2km. Given that the pipeline will be installed by a cut and cover method, and that there will inevitably be disturbance on either side of the pipeline, this adds up to significantly large area of ancient woodland.


Campaigns Newsletter

If you haven’t already read it, don’t forget to check out the most recent Campaigns Newsletter

So put your feet up, grab a cuppa and have a read šŸ™‚


And Finally… Free Theatre Tickets Offer

Disney have kindly given us up to 50 free tickets to see Disneyā€™s Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre (Soho, London) to offer to volunteers. More details in the linked Whittle post
Tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis and there is no cash alternative.

Finally, Thank You as always for your help.



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