May 30 2018

Super Campaigner News – June

I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday!


I have some personal news to share. Sadly, on 15th June, I will be leaving the Woodland Trust for a new job at the Wildlife Trusts. This obviously means I will no longer be managing the Super Campaigner volunteer network. I’ve really enjoyed working with you all and I will miss being a volunteer manager! It’s been so rewarding to see how much you all care about woods and trees and seeing you inspire others to take action. For that I can’t thank you enough, and thank you for all the time you have put in.


It’s looking like the Trust will recruit a new me who will take over managing Super Campaigners. But there will be some down time of a few months in between me going and the recruitment process.  During that time, Sarah Cooley, our Volunteer Coordinator, will be your point of contact within the campaigns team if you have any questions or want to update us on what you are up to. She’ll also share monthly updates with you until someone new comes in. For those of you who want it, I’ll be putting together a Super Campaigner work plan for our new HS2 campaign so you can follow that in the next month or so, if you’d like to still be doing some volunteering tasks during the transition. Let me know if you’d like one!


It’s not goodbye quite yet but I wanted to let you all know what’s happening. For now, please can you answer the hours and activity survey for May here by Friday 8th June. Or email me your hours, if you’d prefer.




Thanks for being such a great network of volunteers,






Super Campaigner Volunteer of the Month 


Volunteer of the Month for April is Suzie. She shared 100 tweets for the NPPF consultation campaign on Twitter, contributed her own content for tweets as well as using what we provided and used others’ tweets to share the message wider.


Congratulations Suzie!


Check out her Twitter here. To be in with a chance of being Volunteer of the Month don’t forget to answer the monthly survey.


Live Campaigns

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Brilliant Blogs

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Learning & Inspiration

Learn about what tree sap is and why it rises in trees in spring. And can you spot common tree disease symptoms? Then read all about our data that has revealed the effects of early spring on the food chain in deciduous forests.

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