May 26 2018

Get involved in Speak Up Week!

This 30th June – 8th July something incredible is happening: a national conversation on how climate change is affecting the life we love. More and more of us are feeling the effects of climate change on our everyday lives, but when we Speak Up together we can create a powerful and unified voice that our MPs will want to join.

What is Speak Up Week?


Speak Up Week is a week of events across the country, lead by The Climate Coalition, where people will be meeting with their MPs to raise their concerns about the impacts climate change is and will have on our lives and the things we care about. For us, that’s the impact of climate change on woods and trees as well as the role they have to play in tackling the challenges of climate change. The goal is to encourage MPs to support net zero emissions targets.


An ‘event’ can be as small as meeting with your MP at their surgery to have a chat, or as big as hosting a street tree party in your community. As part of the Woodland Trust’s Street Trees project, we’re encouraging everyone to have their street tree celebrations during Speak Up Week to be part of this movement that’s making a noise for the things that matter most. Woods and trees should definitely feature in that list!


As a member of The Climate Coalition, we’re calling on our supporters to organise and attend events to represent woods and trees in this national conversation. 

Who are The Climate Coalition?


They are a group of over a hundred organisations and local groups dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love. Ranging from Christian Aid to RSPB, they represent a wide variety of people and aspects of society. The Woodland Trust is a member, there to represent the woods and trees in debates on climate change.

Why is climate change relevant for woods and trees?


Climate change exacerbates the likelihood of tree pests and disease. Fluctuating seasonal changes knock species out of sync with each other. The impacts of storms and drought may fragment already declining habitats and negatively affect species’ range. The natural world could struggle to adapt in its battle for survival, and ancient woodland, a habitat made up of unique and delicate ecosystems, is particularly vulnerable.

How can you get involved?


It would be amazing to see Woodland Trust volunteers getting involved! You can either organise your own event or sign up to attend or help with an event already happening in your constituency.


  • Find guidance and tips on how to organise your own event here.
  • Sign up to show your interest in an event near you here.
  • Apply for street tree celebration kit then have your very own tree event during Speak Up Week here
  • Once you’ve planned an event, let people know about it by adding it to the event map here.


Don’t forget to let the Campaigns Team know if you plan to organise an event for Speak Up Week by emailing us at, we’d love to hear what you are getting up to!

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